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    We are the Southern California travel agency that specializes in complete arrangements for school music groups traveling to California. The majority of our customers are High School Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras.When you contact us, MusicTrip will design a program tailored to fit your needs. Read More
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    MusicTrip prides itself on offering original, unique performing opportunities for each and every one of its clients. We produce local music festivals, schedule performances and clinics at Disneyland and local colleges and universities. Read More
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    Special events are all part of the trip. If your group wants to see a show, visit famous places, or experience the local flavor, MusicTrip will take you there. Read More
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Travel in Comfort and Safety



Musictrip.com has exclusive volume discount agreements with preferred hotels in each of our destination areas, which means that we can pass savings onto you. When you arrange your group trip with MusicTrip you will get an exceptional hotel at an incredible value. When you arrive at your hotel, MuiscTrip has taken care of everything in advance.

We handle the hotel check-in and we’ve prepared all of your rooms and keys ready for you when you arrive. Our hotels always include a delicious, cook-to-order, all-you-can-eat American buffet breakfast right on the property. You’ll have the confidence that your group starts each day on the right foot with a good, healthy meal There will never be a need for morning reservations, long lines and special group seating.