Timba (2 Videos)

"Timba" is simply a name that has dev eloped to describe the contemporary style of dance music from Cuba. Although it of course has many modern elements, including electric keyboards, the drumset, synthesizers, drum loops, and so forth, it is basically just the latest iteration of "la musica popular". To me, it is the child of salsa and songo, and differs dramatically from earlier/other styles of Cuban dance music in that the bass and piano parts are significantly more sophisticated and complex. From a percussion standpoint, it is really the dev elopment and integration of the drumset that to me characterizes timba. Young Cuban drumset players have taken Changuito's original ideas from the songo era, and developed their own stylistic identities (this includes Samuel Formell, who replaced Changuito in Los Van Van). But the conga drum style has not changed that much. Certainly each player comes up with his own unique "movimientos", but as a basic rule, the congueros are still playing tumbao,. The difference is that they integrate many more slaps into the basic pattern, which gives the music more drive and attack, and makes it feel very different than the tumbao of a straight ahead salsa band.