About The The California Arts Project

The California Arts Project (TCAP) is a collaborative, statewide network of classroom teachers and university scholars with the mission of improving teaching and learning in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and in arts, media, and entertainment. As the state subject matter project for the visual and performing arts and career arts, media, and entertainment, TCAP’s network of teacher leaders advocate for and strive to ensure access for all California students to a sequential, comprehensive, and excellent standards-based arts and career education. An education that includes content, literacy and process-rich learning in the arts will prepare California students to lead creative and collaborative communities and workplaces across California.

Founded 26 years ago and ever-expanding, TCAP is comprised of eight regional sites. TCAP conducts campus-based programs and initiatives that represent a systematic inter-segmental effort to provide arts education professional and leadership development. The TCAP network offers professional learning programs that examine arts teaching, practice, and research, develop leadership, and deepen arts discipline specific content and pedagogy in accordance with the California Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards, the California Content Literacy for Technical Subjects, and Language Standards.

Such year-round professional learning programs include in-depth institutes, topical professional learning series, seminars, leadership development institutes, and customized programs to meet specific client needs. Through its network of regional leadership and professional learning centers, TCAP serves as a statewide learning community of educators supporting – teacher as teacher, teacher as learner, teacher as leader, and teacher as artist.

This collaborative network is dedicated to providing the highest quality arts instruction, with a special focus on meeting the needs of English learners (as articulated through the Common Core State Standards), native speakers with low literacy, and students from economically disadvantaged communities.

Headquartered at California State University – San Bernardino, TCAP belongs to a larger network of discipline-specific programs known as the California Subject Matter Projects, administered by the University of California, Office of the President.

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