TCAP Sites
yes regional information
but some of this is changing in specific sites by July – more to follow on that info…
TCAP site programs and TCAP statewide programs
my thinking is that we have a tab or maybe something on the front page to highlight upcoming programs across TCAP, I don’t want to have to duplicate the other site – but lets talk
also we have no way now to highlight NEWS on the other site and that is a must for this new one…
Resources — we need a better and more organized way to share our resources – the other site – we must do – but I need something a bit different – I haven’t yet thought through this yet but by July have a better idea
check out – which is the Writing Projects other website :), see the tabs by ‘role’ – teacher, adminstratior,…etc. ?
check out which History has a different approach
and the Math project’s – which isn’t as clear I don’t think.
No, you are duplicating the functionality – if I’m understanding what that is meant – so lets talk in July :)
Okay, I will begin to collect the content, colors, images, etc.